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The amazing, casual, party word game "Imposters" is here on your Android devices!Imposters is a game of deduction, disguise and deception that can be played by 3 to 18 players on 1 device. Each game lasts around 10 minutes for 8 players. Provides great fun to bond friends and family, and also a great time killer!1) Players are given the role of Civilian, Imposter or Fool in a round. The roles will be shuffled around each round. (Do not see your roles!)2) A Secret Word is given to all Civilians, and another Secret Word is given to all Imposters. The Fool will see an empty space. Tap your name button to view your Secret Word. (Do this in secret!)3) After everyone has seen their Secret Word, a turn begins. Starting from the marked player and going clockwise from him, players say a single word related to their Secret Word.4) After everyone has said a word, the turn ends. Start voting for a single player to be "killed" as an Imposter or Fool. After everyone has decided on a player to be voted off, hold on to his name button to view his role, to see who has been "killed".(Voting to go for another round of saying 1 word per player is also possible, if the majority of players decide that they are not yet ready to vote off a player. Also do this if voting ends up as a tie between 2 or more players.)5) Following that, begin a new turn, and repeat from step 3. Players continue saying single words related to their Secret Words, then voting off players to be Imposters or Fools.
- When all Imposters and Fools have been voted off, the Civilians win!- If half the number of Civilians have been voted off (rounded up) and there is an Imposter still in the game, the Imposters win!- At anytime in the game, if the Fool successfully guesses the word Civilians' Secret Word, he wins! (He also wins if he is still surviving with only 1 other player)- Imposters and Fools both win if there are no Civilians left in the game.Only move on to the next round when there is a clear winner!
Tips:Try to guess your role early on in the game! After you guess your role:- Civilians: Identify your fellow Civilians and try not to make your Secret Word obvious at the same time.- Imposters: Try to identify yourself and your fellow Imposters, and try to keep them in the game!- Fools: Try to guess the Civilians' Secret Word and try to fit in!
We are just 2 independent game developers living on the little green island of Singapore, with degrees from DigiPen Institute of Technology, Singapore. Please support Vindication Studios and indie game development.Please give a rating to Imposters if possible!